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An exploration of strategic brand leadership uses hundreds of studies of leading firms, including General Electric, to show the strategic potential of brand management in a world-based economy.


In Brand Leadership, Erich Joachimsthaler and David Aaker describe how the emerging paradigm of strategic brand leadership is replacing the classic, tactically oriented brand management system.

This fundamental shift involves nothing less than a revolution in organizational structure, systems, and culture – as the authors demonstrate with hundreds of case studies from companies such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Virgin Airlines, Adidas, GE, Marriott, IBM, McDonald’s, Maggi, and Swatch.

Brand Leadership is essential reading for frontline executives and brand managers in market-driven firms worldwide.

The 4 Key Challenges Of Achieving Brand Leadership:

1. Positioning: To originate a strategy which provides identity, differentiation, and empathy.

2. Architecture: To build a comprehensive architecture providing strategic direction.

3. Programs: To develop effective programs and a system to track the results.

4. Organization: To create a viable brand building organization


"A superb framework for dealing with the incredible complexity we brand managers face, particularly the implications of the link between the business strategy and brand, a link too often overlooked." 

Dennis Carter, Vice President, Intel Corporation

"A step ahead in the new world of complex brand architectures." - Hans-Georg Brehm, Brand Management, Mercedes-Benz

"Solid advice for firms facing global brand challenges." - John Quelch, Dean, London Business School

"Aaker and Joachimsthaler give all brand stewards the hope that by mastering these principles their own brands will reach new, exalted heights. This book is PRICELESS!"

Joseph V. Tripodi, Chief Marketing Officer, Seagram

"An excellent tool for anyone who really wants to understand the art and science of brand building. Clear and dynamic examples illustrate key brand drivers and make complex brand theory easy to understand." - Peter A. Georgescu, Chairman and CEO, Young & Rubicam Inc.

"What Frederick W. Taylor did for scientific management and Peter F. Drucker did for the concept of management, Aaker has done for our understanding of brands. Now, in collaboration with Erich Joachimsthaler, he has taken that life's work to a new level of perception, insight, and sophistication. 'Brand Leadership' is a highly needed roadmap for the multi-brand marketer which is as up-to-date as tomorrow morning with chapters on how to incorporate sponsorships and the Internet."

- Peter Sealey, Ph.D., Co-Director, Center for Marketing and Technology, University of California-Berkeley, former global marketing director, The Coca-Cola Company

" 'Branding' is the hottest term in business. For good reason. And, simply, there is a "brand" in the thinking about this topic. Namely, David Aaker. The new book is not a "line extension" It is an original. This is "it" on branding. Read it...or else." - Tom Peters, author of The Circle of Innovation


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