Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler is the founder of several start-ups including three consulting firms. He currently consults at Vivaldi. During the course of the last 17 years, he has led the company’s thought leadership and consulting methodologies on brand strategy, on demand-first innovation and growth, and on digital strategy with particular emphasis on the impact of the changing customer expectations and the building of digital businesses including platform businesses.


A sample of his projects include:


•    Help establish the marketing organization for a major enterprise technology company – a multi-year engagement including business and           growth strategy, brand strategy and portfolio management.

•    Facilitate c-level workshops with senior leaders of a global manufacturing company with a focus on competitive strategies, culture and               branding.

•    Helped lead the establishment of a new startup in the wealth management area with a disruptive new business model, including building a       digital platform business, designing quantitative survey research to build the business case.

•    Work with the leadership team of a major educational publisher in assessing the portfolio of brands, and rationalize the brand architectur e       from a house of brands toward a branded house.

•    Work with a leading e-commerce company to create a new growth strategy, segmentation, brand positioning and value proposition                   development using Vivaldi’s proven brand strategy and market development methodologies.

•    Build the innovation capability of a major B2B manufacturer including innovation strategy, innovation process, and innovation culture based       on Vivaldi’s DIG or Demand-first Innovation and Growth methodology.

•    Build the digital ecosystem and platform business of a global supplier to the manufacturing industry; build a mathematical model to assess       the adoption likelihood among potential new customers.

•    Advised the leadership team of a regional CPG company regarding new growth strategy, brand development, and communications.

•    Advised a global fashion and apparel company regarding the repositioning and rebranding strategy including purpose development,               customer segmentation, merchandising, and advertising strategies and launch.

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