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Erich Joachimsthaler, Ph.D. is a rare combination of consultant, author, entrepreneur, academic, and researcher who sheds light on massive branding, marketing, and digital transformations.


An award-winning author of several books and over 100 articles, Erich is a strategy, innovation and branding expert, “one of the most sought-after keynote speakers on the topic of marketing,” the founder & CEO of VIVALDI, and a visiting professor and lecturer at prestigious universities around the world.


His particular focus is on developing new marketing strategies applied to industries facing disruptive transformation from rapidly changing customer expectations. He has worked with hundreds of companies to build strong brands, identify innovation and growth opportunities, and fully realize them in today’s digital age. His experience and thought leadership have informed his new book, The Interaction Field, which describes the emergence of a new business model of the same name. In his book, he presents “a thrilling new way of looking at a successful business model for the future,” predicting that successful companies will shift from transactional business models to an interactional model. This new model goes further than solely extracting value for the benefit of investors or shareholders, it creates value for all participants engaged in the Interaction Field, as well as society at large.


As one of the most sought-after keynote speakers for industry conferences and company meetings in Europe, Asia, and the U.S, Erich's powerful, inspiring, and highly engaging style has earned him invitations to speak at major events like the Forrester Consumer Marketing Conference NYC by Google in 2017; TEDx at London Business School; IAA Leadership Conferences in Ghana, Cannes, Moscow and London; Brand Week Istanbul 2016; Philippines Global Marketing Conference; the Swiss Leadership Forum 2016; and ISBM Big Thinker Conference 2017. He conducts his conferences, speeches, and workshops in English, German, and Spanish.


As an internationally-recognized authority on the impact of technology on strategy, the digitalization of industries and categories, and the role of innovation and branding, he is quoted regularly in the USA Today, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Investor Business Daily, Advertising Age, Absatzwirtschaft, Brandweek, Bloomberg Business Week, Marketing Week, Fast Company, US News & World Report, Forbes, a host of trade publications, and extensively in European and Latin American media. On screen, he has been featured on Bloomberg Business TV, CNBC PowerLunch, CNBC Europe, and


He has received many awards and distinctions for his work, writing, and research. In 2017, he was named a Top 50 CDO Influencer in a ranking of global superstars from the fields of digital transformation and the adoption of data-driven culture. The same year, he was inducted as an ISBM Fellow, which recognizes him as a senior scholar/thought leader, having made significant contributions to the advancement of the theory and practice of B2B marketing. Only 27 academics and scholars worldwide have been awarded this distinction.

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The world of business has forever changed. To succeed in this age of disruption, brands and businesses need a new roadmap, one that harnesses technology and data to connect more deeply with customers and to rethink how to work within the larger ecosystem.

VIVALDI is proud to present the video podcast series, The Business of Platforms, where Erich speaks to industry leaders about how platform thinking creates greater value. In this series, Erich chats with the world's leading marketers, thinkers, and makers about the new era in which we live and the underlying platform ecosystem that will impact all businesses. 

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