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Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler is a rare combination of consultant, author, entrepreneur, academic, and researcher who sheds light on massive branding, marketing, and digital transformations.

An award-winning author of several books and over 100 articles, Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler is a strategy, innovation and branding expert, “one of the most sought-after keynote speakers on the topic of marketing,” the CEO of Vivaldi, and a visiting professor and lecturer at prestigious universities around the world.

Dr. Joachimsthaler's particular focus is on developing new marketing strategies applied to industries facing disruptive transformation from rapidly changing customer expectations. He has worked with hundreds of companies to build strong brands, identify innovation and growth opportunities, and fully realize them in today’s digital age.


As one of the most sought-after keynote speakers for industry conferences and company meetings in Europe, Asia, and the U.S,  Dr. Joachimsthaler's powerful, inspiring, and highly engaging style has earned him invitations to speak at major events like the Forrester Consumer Marketing Conference NYC by Google in 2017; TEDx at London Business School; IAA Leadership Conferences in Ghana, Cannes, Moscow and London; Brand Week Istanbul 2016; Philippines Global Marketing Conference; the Swiss Leadership Forum 2016; and ISBM Big Thinker Conference 2017. Dr. Joachimsthaler conducts his conferences, speeches, and workshops in English, German, and Spanish.


An internationally-recognized authority on the impact of technology on strategy, the digitalization of industries and categories, and the role of innovation and branding, he is being quoted regularly in the USA Today, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Investor Business Daily, Advertising Age, Absatzwirtschaft, Brandweek, Bloomberg Business Week, Marketing Week, Fast Company, US News & World Report, Forbes, a host of trade publications, and extensively in European and Latin American media. On screen, he has been featured on Bloomberg Business TV, CNBC PowerLunch, CNBC Europe, and ForbesTV.com.

Dr. Joachimsthaler has received many awards and distinctions for his work, writing, and research. Most recently, Dr. Joachimsthaler was named a Top 50 CDO Influencer in a 2017 ranking of global superstars from the fields of digital transformation and the adoption of data-driven culture. Late this year he will be inducted as an 
ISBM Fellow, which recognizes Dr. Joachimsthaler as a senior scholar/ thought leader, having made significant contributions to the advancement of the theory and practice of B2B marketing. Only 27 academics and scholars worldwide have been awarded this distinction.


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Throughout his career, Dr. Joachimsthaler has published over 100 articles in highly respected academic journals and authored best-selling, award-winning books in the field of brand strategy and marketing. Together with David A. Aaker, he wrote some of the most seminal articles on brand architecture and strategy in the Harvard Business Review and the California Management Review. 

Brand Leadership: Building Assets In an Information Economy

Together with David Aaker, the book Brand Leadership was first published by The Free Press in 2000 and republished in 2009 by Pocket Books London. Describing the new leadership paradigm of building strong brands, it has since been translated into 14 languages for audiences around the world.

Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Find and Execute Your Company's  Next Big Growth Strategy

The book, "Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Find and Execute Your Company’s Next Growth Strategy" explains the broadening strategic role of marketing in building growth businesses by spotting these opportunities that are hidden in plain sight. It was published by the Harvard Business School Press in 2007 has been translated into 10 languages and has won the AMA-Berry 2008 Best Marketing Book of the Year award.

Please click here to view of Dr. Joachimsthaler's published writings on books and book chapters.



Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler is being quoted regularly in the USA Today, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Investor Business Daily, Advertising Age, Absatzwirtschaft, Brandweek, Bloomberg Business Week, Marketing Week, Fast Company, US News & World Report, Forbes, a host of trade publications, and extensively in European and Latin American media. On screen, he has been featured on Bloomberg Business TV, CNBC PowerLunch, CNBC Europe, and ForbesTV.com.

Think Tank: Lessons Learned From Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Campaign

We all have read about Nike using the athlete-turned-social activist Colin Kaepernick in its advertising campaign, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” (Article)

Think Tank: Ratcheting Up Platform Businesses With ‘Superconsumers’

WWD - Read here about three ways to elevate a platform business by better using loyal customers. 

Would you go to the cheapest dentist or the cheapest therapist in town?

Retail Dive - Read about Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler's commentary on Daphne Howland's article: How Amazon's Healthcare Plans Could Impact Retail.

Podcast: Erich Joachimsthaler, Amazon Slay, and how computer vision changes everything

VB Engage - This week, Travis and Stewart interview the incredible Erich Joachimsthaler, celebrated branding expert and author. This is one of the most impactful interviews of the year - Erich gives takeaway after takeaway. In the news, we discuss A.I.'s role in bringing TV advertising up to date and how computer vision is changing the world: not just in marketing through solutions like Google Lens, but in applications that will save lives. We also talk about Amazon's new delivery option that lets delivery drivers into your house and The Onion's fun/macabre take on it. Well, it is Halloween, after all.


Podcast interview begins at 18:30 min mark.

The SMCP guide for building a modern affordable luxury brand

Glossy - SMCP, the Parisian brands group comprised of affordable luxury labels Sandro, Maje and Claudie Pierlot, has built a business that can serve as a blueprint for the next generation of contemporary fashion.


The company filed its IPO with Euronext Paris earlier this year, and as it begins trading shares on the stock exchange today, the brands group has been given a valuation of $2 billion. Last year, SMCP grew sales by 16 percent, doubling them over three years to $925 million. As sales grew, the company expanded outside of its home base of France. Thanks to a global e-commerce presence and a network of 1,223 stores, international sales were boosted by 20 percent, and those sales now account for 54 percent of business. (Article)

Dove's 'racist' ad might have cost the brand an advantage it spent 13 years building

Business Insider - Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler's comment on the recent Dove ad campaign controversy:


"Dove's brand has been built on this unique and well-communicated belief system," he said. "And this ad undermines the very brand value for which Dove stands." (Article)

Walmart buys delivery company Parcel in next round of delivery wars

USA Today - Dr. Joachimsthaler's commentary was featured on Zlati Meyer's article:


"Walmart needs to focus on delivery, because the ease of having packages dropped off at their front doors is what customers have come to expect, Erich Joachimsthaler, CEO of the New York-based strategy consulting firm Vivaldi. "Walmart always has had one position -- being low-priced. But low price has no value if you don’t have convenience," he explained. "Walmart is under siege and this is the critical piece for them to match the 800-pound gorilla, which is Amazon." ( Article)

The Power of Social Currency

AdWeek -  In 2009, I coined the term social currency. I defined it as the extent to which people share brands or information about brands as part of their everyday social lives. I became convinced that consumers’ willingness to share has great brand-building potential.


Back then, we weren’t far off with our convictions. Social currency indeed has become a really important concept. More than 2.56 billion social media users exist today. When it comes to younger consumers, one out of every three millennials prefers social media to interact with brands and companies.


I’d like to describe some of the most prominent impacts of social currency on brands, companies, industry and consumers. (Article)



Automakers Plan Electric Car Blitz as Tesla Burns Billions

Bloomberg Technology - “Nobody doubts that the future will be electric,” said Erich Joachimsthaler, founder and CEO of brand-strategy firm Vivaldi, which works with German luxury carmakers. “The car companies dragged their feet with electric. Now they are being dragged into it by Tesla and by regulations.” (Article)

Ikea buys odd-job service TaskRabbit

Retail Dive - Ikea Group (Ingka Holding B.V. and its controlled entities), is taking over TaskRabbit, a platform that enables freelancers to access and work jobs on-demand. The companies have signed a conditional agreement for Ikea to acquire 100% of the shares in TaskRabbit, according to a press release. 


Shopping at an Ikea store, a vast space crammed with loads of merchandise, is also arguably a pain point, Vivaldi Erich Joachimsthaler, CEO of brand strategy firm Vivaldi, told Retail Dive on Friday. But it's one that leads to discovery and emotional decisions that means Ikea shoppers often buy more than they intended going in. "The number one pain point is going through the store, but even though it’s a pain point, I would never recommend they fix that," he said. "They would destroy the Ikea experience. But the post-service experience, that experience of putting it together at your home, is a different story." (Article)

Top 50 Chief Digital Officer Influencers for 2017

CDO Club -  The Shipyard and the CDO Club, the world’s largest community of C-suite digital and data leaders with 5,000 registered members, today released its Top 50 CDO Influencers list for 2017.


The Top 50 CDO Influencer list includes global superstars in the fields of digital transformation and in the adoption of data-driven culture. (Article)


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Google and Walmart partner with eye on Amazon

The New York Times - Phone interview with New York Times Reporter, Michael Corkery, around Walmart's tactics to take on Amazon.


“Walmart can’t lose on the low-cost proposition,” said Erich Joachimsthaler, chief executive of Vivaldi, a brand consulting firm. “But convenience, convenience that is where the game lies.” (Article)

Nordstrom family explores taking retailer private

CNBC - Department store operator Nordstrom Inc said on Thursday that some members of the controlling Nordstrom family have formed a group to consider taking the company private, as it struggles with an industry-wide slowdown in sales. (Article)


Related article: Reuters, Nordstrom family explores taking retailer private, shares surge

The United Airlines boycott is not backing down — here's how it could affect sales

Business Insider - United Airlines is in the middle of a public-relations nightmare.


In case you missed it, on April 10, a video showing aviation officers dragging a passenger off a flight went viral. The airline said it needed room on the overbooked plane for crew for another flight. When it couldn't find enough volunteers, United selected the 69-year-old man, David Dao, and several other passengers to deplane. (Article)


Related article: Market Watch, This is how long it could take for United to recover from its PR disaster

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Defining Social Currency

Dr. Joachimsthaler explains Social Currency," the degree to which customers share a brand or information about a brand with others. (Video) 

Why B2B Companies Need Strong Brands

Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler discusses on why every company - especially in the B2B sphere - needs a strong brand.  (Video)

Connecting Consumers, IAA Cannes Lions

Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler talks about the importance of mobile technology in connecting business and consumers. (Video) 

Luxury Branding: The Branding Roundtable

As part of Branding Magazine's Branding Roundtable, Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler discusses the challenges and opportunities in luxury branding. (Video)

Innovating at Every Level

An interview with Harvard Business Review, Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler. To innovate, companies need to circulate insights about consumers throughout the organization and think of ways to revolutionize consumers' everyday lives. (Video)

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